3D Printed CNC – Cyclone PCB Factory

The Cyclone PCB Factory is a 3D-printable CNC Mill released in May 2013


A PCB CNC is a machine i have been wanting for ages, and in the end, when cupcake makerbot was just released, i bought a £1300 CNC machine from marchant Dice.
This was a sturdy CNC built using aluminium extrusions and came with very hefty motors.

Now, i have my Prusa i2 up and running nicely, well ui have for the past 3 years?) i can now print a cnc and see how it goes.

This 3D printable CNC by Carlosgs (design, software), yOPERO (mechanical improvements), i will attempt to print and use.

I like the idea of having it so i can make small PCB and make it portbale, my current aluminium one is A3 cutting dimensions, so is much larger in actual form.

This page will log the progress of its build and construction.

I think mine will be PCB green (Kawasaki green – dimension engineering) as i seem to have alot of this at home!