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MakerBot SMB001, Huxley MD, Prusa RepRap printers are the current printers I own.

The Makerbot Cupcake was scratch built based on open source designs when Makerbot first released iteration 1.

Huxley MD is ‘My Design, which featured LM6UU bearings. I designed a bracket for LM8UU bearings to be used in the Prusa design, which has now become the standard bearings used in hobby repraps. The original files are available here Posted March 29th 2011.

Huxley MD printing

Huxley MD printing. Features Bowden cable feeder with 1.75mm filament.

Case_Pruse_Red 5481972175_ec4e6b84d6_o *** Local Caption *** Royal Visit to School of Marine Science & Engineering.

I showed off my makerbot cupcake to our engineering department. They were impressed by it and i helped them build their own for showing at engineering fairs – as, lets be honest, there impressive to look at! In 2010 Plymouth university gave an Honorary doctorate to Mubarak Ali Al Sabah in Maritime Science. This is me discussing and showing off the printer to Mubarak Ali Al Sabah, one of his 7 wives, his aid and a security aids(?) (in order front row right of picture to left). Very well suited-up i was for this day!


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