CNC Milling machine

I have 2 CNC milling machines.


The first is a Boxford VMC milling machine I obtainied from Plymouth University.

This is a students heavy duty machine which ran off its own propriatry software – which i do not have… I have therefore bought a set of parts to enable me to control the machine via MACH 3. (image of simular not exact)


boxford 260 VMC




I also own an aluminium extrusion CNC milling machine which i bought a number of years ago from Marchant Dice.

At the time this seemed like a great product, cheap and reliable, however as i bought an early machine i have suffered from basic issues. The controllers are not much, and the company now sell much better controllers and larger higher voltage PSU’s to run them on, aswell as additional load bearing supports.

Having said this, i did get it cheaper than the cost there selling them for now, and i can upgrade mine any ways.


I bought this to use to machine PCB’s with, and unfortunatly after an hour or so using it, i suffered a fault Z axis controller which meant the cuts would progressively get deeper and deeper as it would miss steps on the UP direction.

I have bought a new controller for the Z axis, so going to give it a go, and see if it works. I need it to mill some sheets of Carbon fiber for a friend at work, and for me!