First upload, and a mention on Thingiverse blog

So i just uploaded my first design to thingiverse – looks like this
tho – it may not compile – not sure if im doing it right, but let me know if it doesnt – and i will try again!

whilst i was having a look on thingiverse i came accross this article in the blog:
and low and behold, it links to my all-in-one makerbot 😀

yay thankyou 😀

I will upload more pics when i manage to do more to it – am waiting for the electronics and to get theextruder motor from makerbot stores before i can continue! Am tempted to just get the parts from – as they have all bits in stock, but as you can see from my flickr pool, the first trys at the motherbard etching were not that good!

need to get my bubble etch tank going agin, but as im moving i cant set it up 🙁

oh well…