A premature announcement about my Makerbot

So,i recieved a package today, and i just cant wait to announce my plans for my makerbot…

Featuring the

ALL IN ONE Makerbot SMB00001


The makerbot 3D printer
90/200 Watt PSU
1GHz MINI-ITX Motherboard
Wireless keyboard and mouse
10inch LCD Screen (with touch screen in the future)

One mains cable
4 batteries for mouse and keyboard.
An ammount of plastic thread
Some imagination

I am in the process of inlarging the chasis to accomodate the motherboard and screen, however it should only increase size by an extra 60mm height and extra 40mm width.
It will feature all internal cables for the screen, computer and makerbot printer, an array of RGB LED’s and maybe a carry handle to make it a truly portable printer!

Let me know what you think – mock pictures in my flickr pool (note the screen will be enclosed in plywood case, and feature a plastic screen cover)