Motherboard and PSU arrived.

So i now have everything to make the computer side of the Makerbot. All i need is the makerbot electronics and plastic extruder motor – not to mention the plastic… that Will be coming when the electronics are back in stock!

so… ooh just worked out how to add images to these blog posts!
This is the power supply, measures only 65x75x120mm but only features one molex and one smaller floppy drive connector. It is only 90 Watts as well… This will be an experiment…

I will make a connecting board which will fit into these ports and the atx, so i can have a connector for the motherboard, as well as one for the motherboard of the psu. If not i will have to revert back to standards.
The motherboard is a 1GHZ Mini-ITX motherboard with 512mg ram, the hdd will be either solid state, or an old hdd i have. it will just have USB input for the moment, until i can sort out a smaller more powerful PSU that will cope with both the makerbot and motherboard.

It fits nicely into the existing PSU part of the makerbot. I t has enough space to fit the makerbot electronics upside down on the roof of the PSU hole. What will be difficult, is how to attach these boards to the roof, as screws may stop the x axis from moving, and the heating inside this small space, i will need to add a few more fans… Or direct the heat into the makerbot space, so that this heat aids stopping warping… -That’s a good idea nat!

PS, i found a good source of precision rods… -the 8mm rods are standard in any printer! Im going to get some broken ones and steel the rods from them, before i take the to be recycled at the tip – maybe i can get some from the tip? Hmmmmm