PLA 1.75mm and 3mm samples for the store – evaluation

I have recently been in contact with a company regarding supplying 3D printer filament at great prices.

These filaments are available in several lovely colours including Black, White, Blue, Bubblegum Pink, Gow in dark, Yellow, Green, Jasmine Green, etc etc…

And, i am to become a supplier of their filaments!
Well, with a friend, we are teaming up to supply this great quality filament.

I am currently running through some sample ammounts of filaments currently printing in 1.75 mm, but 3mm will be available firstly.

I am also in development of a multiple bowden cable extruder, which will enable multi colour prints and support material in PVA, again available through this company! which we are going to be supplying.

Watch this space for more news!