Well it has been a while, and im still waiting for the details of the GSRs that dan is wishing to use, but i found a guy on the picaxe forum who has info about them, so i may just leave some adc pins free to some holes to connect them up to at a later date, means i can go on and make the prototype board now.
all the rest of the stuff is completed, i have the pcb test design sorted, and handed in, so tomorrow it should be made, i have the picaxe chips on order, and have just handed in an order list for some transmitters and recievers to hopefully get it working!

Also i recieved the marks back from my critique today!

well they have been online for a while, i just havnt had a look!

but i got…
75% thats the 3rd highest in the class of… 26

i also noticed that some people have used blogspot to place their critique online, i cannot however as it includes a large ammount of pictures, tables and items such as that.

anyways, i also just been looking into a rf800t chip, which allows 16 channels, pluss encoded serial data to be transmitted, good for futur projects, and also for this, and it has a sample circuit which allows data to be connected and displayed onto a pc!!!

SO I MAY GET SOME, CPC SELL RF800 16 CHANNEL ENCODER/DECODER ICs and RF solutions sell an RF800T which i assume is the same, i have emailed them to ask.