Well, its been a while as i have not had the internet, but i managed to get it printing, i had a new barrel ordered from makerbot.com and also a new ptfe barrel – i got acetone and sorted it all.

i also bult a small heated builkd base, detials to come, but my new experiment is mamkeing pcb’s with the makerbot…

results seem to be great so far, however i am using a snapped 1mm carbide driull bit., not an engraving bit as i shopuld be using.
i have bought some, and they will be with me shortly, however i shall put more pics on short;y. i got v shaped bits, and reouting bits… results are shown below.

i wpould write more, but i havnt had any dinner yet, and im suffering from a small hangover from my birthday outing last night!

this is drilling just around holes – no tracks. the width of the drill bit and the offset angle of the base meant it was not just scraping the tiop but going into the fibreglass below. results showed god, but needs new bits!

second test was with tracks…

this again is a rought output, it is using the broken 1mm drill bit, so its not good outoput – just bought these… so results will be
these aare all 10 degree bits, but i have bought 10, 20, 30 and 60 degree bits, also 4 routing bits… this is how hopefiull i am inn this!