Lipo batteries 1s cells for 70p!

Following a nice sale on Hobbyking, i decided to buy some new antweight batteries.  At $0.59 – $0.99 each, these little beauties should hopefully reduce my weight down, without affecting actual play time.


I found them whilst looking into the bargain bins of hobbyking (INTERNATIONAL STORE)

My Ant is currently weighing in at 170g so by reducing weight and using my milling machine to fill out some nuice parts, i can reduce overall weight by 30g.

The batteries are the slot in type so i either make/buy a connector for them (common to buy landing gear/battery pack slots as a whole and break it down) or remove the existing connector and replace it with a more standard one.

I prefer to keep this connector as its handy, and i can just get the set charger for it, but i also have the other chargers for the other standard JST type.


Hmmm… run to ebay to check prices and options i think


The batteries are an assortment of Nano-Tech 160mAh 25c 1s, Nano-Tech 160mAh 25-45c 1s, Nano-Tech 130mAh 25c 1s all 3.7v and slot in connectors, but in both 2 types of connectors – one new and old style heli.


I have just purchased a charger for these battery, which are also handy for charging my other Lipos single cells.

I also have purchased some battery holders, something i can make with the 3d printer but for ease i thought i would buy these.


Curiosity, you can also buy these direct from E-SKY, for a mere $1.04 which i had wanted to buy, and buy 30 of them so i can resell to the antweight community, but they only have 1 in stock, and the minimum $7 postage didnt warrant buying 1.