well i must say, i have been so much working on the pcb maker for the makerbot and writing a new wiki entry for the makerbot site – to be posted live soon, i havnt updated this much.

so yeah, thats it.

I was wanting to note a few more projects i want to have a go at –

This is Stephanie, an avatar room controller which works using voice commands.
This is something i have wanted to do for many years, and is partially why i got the makerbot in the first place. – to build parts to make an animated face that you could interact with and control stuff using iobridge.

This is a variation of room control – the ‘party button’
This one was made in a dorm room, and would be great

this is more of a lower end version – noit as hightech but better in a larger venue

there are others which i will blog about, but for now im off to make a simple eagle pcb to make on my makerbot.

woop woop

Why to use the nut on the extruder barrel

Just to remind me to writew a small section explaining why a nut is essential.

For those curious for now until a few hours later today till i write it, this is wehat that 4p nut on the brass barrel stops…

jUST FOUND MY MEMORY STICK AFTER ABOUT A MONTH, – i left it at work, and found my original ‘plastic forcing its way out of the ptfe/heater barrel – hence the need for the nut!

you can just see the white of the melted abs poking out of the central hole of the main washer – the second ‘bent’ washer was to stop the barrel from being forced out.


first inverted pcb :D

IMAG0331, originally uploaded by Roboteernat.

second test, setting build platform level with masking tape, and using another snapped drill bit as the router, i changed a few settings in eagle to produce this design, based upon the eagle tutorials by (insert name here) on youtube.

my keyboaris playingup so i going to stop here.

also my engraving router bits from mega uk have not come yet so i will try agaiin tomorow

10 X10 cm PCB board cut ready for makerbot PCB testing

Just got some 10×10 PCB boards made u[p to put into makerbot. i need to drill the corner fixing holes but as they were not exactly lined up, i need to do this at home.

Some are double sided, and although it is a bit of a waste using this much for tests, i do have a fair bit of UV photoresist board and i got these boards from ebay at like £2.50 a board (200mm x 300mm double sided) so i think its ok.

i also have som smaller bits i can use.

I ordered 2 of each v cutter drill bits – 10,20,30,45 and 60 degrees, routers are to arrive today!

woop woop!

wouldnt it be fab that a makerbot can ‘make’ its motherboard as well as parts!