ptfe issues

Well fun times I mustsay, my order part decided to fail so I can’t use my makerbot at the. moment. I have a rod of ptfe but no time to make it. That’s war u get for working lol. Any ways, I will make one soon so I cam start to print again

However one thing i have been looking at id converting makerbot into a PCB mill. The idea being I can take out the plastruder and add on the dremil fitting and cut circuit boards. This has led me to think about mak8nguyen a laser cuttablw cnc using the same electronics from makerbot possibly letting makerbot make and sell for a small return for me. We shall see. So far I have mote stepper nema17 and a larger nema 23 and rods from printers with a polystyrene mock up. So far looks like I can have a board build base of about 250 x 300. Fab! Pics tp come. I’m currently updating web site whilst waiting for my friend at Plymouth train station

Happy new year

happy new year to you all, well those few if qny who read this blog lol.

i just wanted to update my makerbot progress, however this again will be short as im using a french keyboard and i hate typing on it – it hiurts my wrist badly

well i have had sucess on pcb making and made an opto sensor, i will write about it when i; back in plymouth as i am currently in holland.

wrist really hurts!!