Featherweight motor mounts specific for locking and firmly fixing in the new style Argos £20 hand battery drill.

Although ok, I need to change the bolts used to countersunk and adjust some tollerence, or clean print the crevices to fit better. My new design has these in, so when I get printing I can test fit and see what they are like.

This initial design does lock in the motor tightly, so I’m pleased.


Now Robot Wars has made it to a new 2nd series, Series 9, I want to get back into the big bots…

However as I have just bought a house, I have priorities…


I have a lot of stuff that would suit a featherweight, including all parts to make a pneumatic system and drive Inc batteries. Out of this, all I am missing is a storage tank for gas, refilling valve and wheels.

I do have some gold feather 12v motors somewhere but I will use drill motors instead. I have 1 old drill at work, and I’m sure I can find another!

I have wheels from B&Q but I will probably need other tyre styles for traction.

I have scrap metal to make a frame and chassis,  as well as potential access to cheap armour materials on regular trips to scrap yards so…

All I need is a £20 paintball gas tank and additional fittings, tyres, and a second drill motor.

My initial drawings have led me to build my first iteration design of my Robot Wars robot, so will look at this route with a pneumatic flipper.

Drill motor 1 from Draper 12v drill.