Featherweight pneumatic threads









Featherweight motor mounts specific for locking and firmly fixing in the new style Argos £20 hand battery drill.

Although ok, I need to change the bolts used to countersunk and adjust some tollerence, or clean print the crevices to fit better. My new design has these in, so when I get printing I can test fit and see what they are like.

This initial design does lock in the motor tightly, so I’m pleased.

Reversal settings for skeinforge.

Well, i have finally got my stepper extruder working! With some help from IRC and friends, i have finally made the pololu PCB – a one sided design which has a single wire on the top board.
connecting it to gen 3 makerbot mobo it works straight off the hat with x y and z axis, so for this i am really please, however for the extruder it took a bit of bodging with firmware and machines to get it to work. Turned out that the thing was a problem with repg 25, but i seem to have it working now after adjusting the various settings and maybe a loose connection or 2.

so anyways, the PCB is:

Its been a while… – update for past 4 months

Hi folks, whats new?

Well its been a few months since my last post, and i been needing to update things.

Basically i am creating the Huxley MD (My Design) reprap machine with my machine, and also started to make a stepper struder for my makerbot – running mk5!

so there has been lots to talk about.

After heading to the makerfaire in nottingham, i spoke to jeanmarc of emaker shop, and saw the small huxley he was making, i liked it, and wanted to make it. I didnt like the design for the extruder, and i wanted a more recognisable extruder that has been used, therefore i wanted to use the makergear hot end.
Also i wanted to use different bearings, lm6uu for 6mm rods.

I designed the parts and a picture will be put here, but there are flickr pictures!

I also have bought some angel eyes from ebay to fit onto my makerbot and reprap – 90mm and 50mm diameter lights! VERY nice and a recommendation to all!

The makerbot has been upgraded to feature a stepper motor, and im waiting for the gen 4 stepper motorfrom makerbot to fit onto it and make it amazing 🙂
Looking at stewarts build, the stepper motor design makes FAR better quality prints!

anyways, im also trying to design a heat bed for the huxley 140mm by 140mm so that Jeanmarc can use them on his emakers he is selling, and i can have one for myself!
sadly the etch tank has become too full of copper, and therefore i need to dispose of it and start with a fresh ammount of acid. This is a complex process involving taking the chemical to a hazardous waste recycling facility! and costs!

anyways, thats a brief summary of whats been going on. Oh and i got woodworm in my room, so im hoping its not going to the makerbot!!!

regarding poaterobotics.co.cc – business card web address issue :(

After handing out many business card at Makerfaire UK 2011, it has become apparent that my registration for co.cc has expired as of 4 days ago.

Sadly i cannt log into my account and therefore people looking for it, it will not display.

If you are one of those people, please visit the original hosting address of:

this is currently being updated so please take a look and contact me for any info.